It is often hard to discuss your worries or anxieties with close family or friends. The Eastleigh Youth Counselling Service can help by offering free confidential counselling by a trained counsellor.

Counselling can help during the tough times in your life when you may feel lonely, sad, depressed or when you feel you have nobody to talk to. Call us on 07879 761660 or contact us using the online form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note this phone line is not monitored 24/7 and therefore a response time of up to 5 working days may be applicable. Please seek help from your GP if the issue is urgent.

Counselling involves a 50-minute session every week for up to 6 weeks to help explore the issues you are worried about. You can also drop in to see one of our Nurses or Doctor at the Teenage Drop-In Centre.

TADIC works in collaboration with the Eastleigh Youth Counselling Service (EYCS). For more information on EYCS see


This can be a painful experience and can make you feel sad, angry or lost.

Stress / Anxiety

You may find everyday life hard to cope with, feeling angry, lonely or feel like crying.


You may feel isolated or alone and feel everything in your life has changed. That nobody understands and that you are the only one to be feeling like this. In extreme cases, it may feel like life is not worth living making you feel suicidal.

Low self esteem / confidence

You may feel lonely, unable to join in with your peers, and feel everyone can do things except you.


You can often feel scared to go to school and want to avoid the places this is happening, this can make you isolated alone and unhappy in all areas of your life.

Eating disorders

Young people can be unhappy with their body image for many reasons. This can cause unhealthy changes to eating habits which can get out of control.


This can be physical, mental, and sexual or through neglect. All of these areas can make you feel you are the only one, you can feel unhappy, angry, tearful or resentful, feeling you are alone and have to keep it to yourself.